On the road to Vosges's gastronomy, come and discover a little corner of tranquility in the heart deep
of V˘ge, between Xertigny and Raon-aux-Bois ...

Auberge du Pranzieux


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L'auberge du Pranzieux

« We welcome you to our family inn »...

« Located in the heart of the green Voge, it overlooks a small, well-lit valley,
in an immaculate setting, at the edge of the forest.
You can sample our "Terroir" dishes, our house specialties,
and many traditional dishes and desserts of the Vosges area

        Huguette and Pierre-Etienne Monleau

Here all generations meet, guests in search of the flavours of the past. In this old farmhouse,
adorned with stoneware of the Vosges, with decorated plates and old coffee pots
and many other objects of the past.
Hikers, tourists and local residents rub elbows, share the emotions of a time gone by, revive youthful memories.
The oldsters who knew the inn when they were young now return to it as a rendezvous for eternal lovers.
And tourists seeking a day's tranquility will find not only a warm welcome,
but an atmosphere which, in all simplicity, offers serenity and the friendliness of the past.

    During the summer, enjoy your meals on the terrace.
    Parking for autos, buses and trailers up to 20 meters (no specific parking spots for trailers)
    Hiking trails nearby. Hike a short distance to Pranzieux, Racine, Raon, Xertigny

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